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Micro Air-Source Heat Pumps and Heat Recovery Ventilation

All our heat recovery ventilation appliances surpass building regulation requirements. They can also recover up to 95% of the heat that you would otherwise lose through normal ventilation. How are our appliances one step higher? They can also take additional heat out of the stale air with an air-source heat pump, which creates extra heating and cooling of the air in your home.

Maybe you won't even need a separate heating system in your new home...


With increasing pressure from Building Regulation Part F (adequate ventilation) and Part L (energy conservation), coupled with continued rises in fuel costs, saving heat whilst having sufficient ventilation in your home is more important than ever.

You & Your Home's Poor Health.


Modern, low-energy homes are highly insulated and air-tight. Poorly sealed windows, doors and other gaps are a thing of the past, so our homes can no longer breathe. The resulting rise in humidity increases not only mould growth, but also the dustmite population. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other pollutants also build-up;
indoor air quality has never been so poor.

For the occupant, this can lead to discomfort, tiredness, headaches and allergic symptoms.

For the property, it leads to building fabric damage, resulting in more expensive decoration costs and perhaps a lower market value.

The Air we Breath in Our Home
Contaninants A cocktail of chemicals is emitted from chipboard and other building fabrics (furniture, carpets, hard floors, curtains, paint, cleaning agents). Add to this germs and micro-organisms and indoor air quality is often worse than the air by a busy road!

In Britain, we spend on average 90% of our time indoors. Continuous, controlled ventilation is therefore paramount within our lives.

Heat Loss
To counteract these problems, trickle vents in window frames and individual extractor fans in bathrooms are traditionally used. This creates drafts, cold spots, noise and significant heat loss. Adequate ventilation can contribute to over 50% of the total heat losses in many modern homes. Therefore the potential for being greener and saving on fuel bills, is high.

This diagram represents where heat energy escapes through the building envelope in:

litres of heating oil consumed per m2 each year

The biggest potential saving is evident in traditional forms of ventilation.


Traditional Forms of Ventilation